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Veil of the Truthseer

A Dystopian Novel

Rafe had every reason to stay indoors when rioters came to picket his neighbor’s house in their Greensboro neighborhood, but when the riot became a lynching, Rafe’s choice to step out into the snow to save his friend Neil placed both of them in the crosshairs of the Special Peace Keeping Force, an authoritarian arm of a federal government completely corrupted by years of deep state malfeasance, radical environmentalism, and social justice engineering.

Things have changed a lot since Rafe’s college days when all he had to worry about was passing his classes, and whether or not the party of adventurers in Will’s table-top RPG campaign would survive as they searched for the Veil of the Truthseer. But cracks in the foundation of the United States of America were starting to show even then, as events in the real world encroached on Rafe’s merry band, and the country lurched ever closer to a civil war that’s been raging for the last four years. Now, Rafe and Neil must find their way across the frigid North Carolina Piedmont towards the battle front at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the price of a critical failure is far greater than the outcome of any game.