The Babylonian Flood Myth

Another quickie. We all know the story of the flood myth. There’s some guy who manages to either skirt around a divine edict that the world is gonna get flooded, or is helped by God or a god in doing so. In Babylon, this took the form of “The Epic of Atrahasis.” While there is a little more at the front end about the higher gods fighting with the lower gods and creating humans because they wanted people to serve them, Atrahasis, the character for which the story is named is basically Zi-ud-sura/Utnapishtim from the Sumerian flood myth as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh. As in the other flood myths, he builds himself a boat and manages to avoid being drowned when the gods call down the rains and as a payoff, he’s granted eternal life. In that regard, it’s really more of an alternate culture retelling than a completely different story, but worth noting.

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